My Story - Super Condensed Version

Hello. My name is Randy Baker. I was a 3rd-generation Jehovah's Witness until several years ago. At age 29 my world seemed to fall apart. It was rough for a few years, but now I can honestly say I've never been happier. The journey was not easy, partly because of the power the Watchtower continues to hold over beloved family members.

My two grandmothers refuse to see me or my wife and 3 children. What was my terrible crime that merited such harsh retribution? I stopped going to the Kingdom Hall and refused to acknowledge the Watchtower as "God's sole channel of communication with his servants here on earth".

The journey has been made easier by reading the stories of others with similar circumstances, and by being able to find a new church home and support network. In the process I've learned that what Planet Watchtower offers is conditional love, conditional on one's performance. (If you are currently a JW, try telling an elder that you aren't so sure about 1914 and you'll see right away what I mean!) I've learned that this world has a lot of good people; I've been freed from the "us against them" mentality I had grown up with.